With high standards of building business facilities in all four markets, the Concern provides its employees with prestigious working conditions, with maximum recognition of the Concern in interior and exterior views, all related to the activities of the Concern's companies.




Investing in sports facilities and tourism, as well as educating employees are part of the strategic goals of the Agram Concern.

Agram Club, Kutjevo Castle, Medora Auri Hotel and yachts, are intended primarily for market users, and are also an investment in the most valuable capital of the Agram Concern – its employees.

Through various sports activities and socializing, working meetings and seminars, a pleasant working environment is created, in which employees can progress and develop.

Agram Club

Radnička cesta 180, Zagreb

Dvorac Kutjevo

Ulica Zdenka Turkovića 32, Kutjevo

Hotel Medora Auri

Ulica Tina Ujevića 7, Podgora

Medora Orbis Camping & Glamping

Put sv. Vicenca bb, 21327 Podgora

Jahta Agram

Hessen Yacht 4400


The Agramijada sports games, which bring together more than 1,250 employees in an unforgettable three-day gathering full of fun and great mood, compete through eight motivated teams in eight sports disciplines and numerous free activities on land and water.

The last, 16th Agramijada was held in 2022 in Banja Vrućica in Teslić.

Each Agramijada is characterized by togetherness and satisfaction of employees and special energy which further emphasizes and feels the power of growth, development and success of the Agram Concern.

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